Food sector

Particularly in the food industry, the advantages of WIESE continuous bucket conveyors and pendulum bucket conveyors are clear to see. By using original WIESE rubber chains, no lubricants are required that could contaminate the conveyed materials.

Rubber chains and buckets are available in food-safe versions with certificates according to European (EU directives) and American (FDA) standards.

The casing can be designed in accordance with the highest hygienic requirements, such as with a tubular framework without horizontal surfaces and dead spaces.

On the pendulum bucket conveyors, the buckets can be removed without tools in a single action to clean them externally. Automatic cleaning stations can also be supplied for cleaning the buckets in all series.

Detectable buckets offer the ability to increase your product safety.

The advantages of WIESE pendulum / continuous bucket conveyors in the food sector

Continuous bucket conveyor:

  • Very stable running
  • Small footprint thanks to higher speed
  • High conveying capacity
  • ATEX design available EX-Logo

Pendulum bucket conveyor:

  • Hygienic
  • Buckets can be removed without tools for external cleaning
  • Hygienic design made from tubular steel available
  • Many different line versions available
  • Multiple drop-off points are possible
  • For weighed or counted products, the bucket position can be determined reliably at any time (no elongation of the rubber chains!)
  • ATEX version available EX-Logo