WIESE specialises in continuous bucket and pendulum bucket conveyors with the original WIESE rubber chain for the transportation of bulk materials. All WIESE bucket conveyors have the same basic structure. Bucket optimised especially for the transport of bulk materials of all kinds are mounted between two WIESE rubber chains.

The original WIESE rubber chain lies at the core of all WIESE continuous bucket and pendulum bucket conveyors. It is produced at our specially built factory in Salzwedel.

Rubber chain

The classic WIESE continuous bucket conveyor has the robust conveyor belt as its central element: rubber chains and buckets are connected, ensuring the reliable transport of your bulk materials.

Continuous bucket conveyor

The outstanding feature of the WIESE pendulum bucket conveyors is the ability to mount and remove the buckets with just a few operations and no need for tools. This is especially useful when cleaning.

Pendulum bucket conveyor

WIESE pendulum bucket and continuous bucket conveyors can be supplied with a variety of casing options. There are suitable designs for virtually every requirement.


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