The Original

The core element - the WIESE rubber chain

The WIESE rubber chain lies at the core of all WIESE continuous bucket and pendulum bucket conveyors. It is produced at our specially built factory in Salzwedel.

Its characteristics account for the unmatched suitability of the WIESE rubber chain as a drive element. It runs without links and vibration-free. It is thus particularly low-noise (under 65 dBA). The slip-free running of the WIESE rubber chain ensures virtually maintenance-free operation. Furthermore, it produces no metal abrasion and requires no lubrication.

The WIESE rubber chain is available in any length vulcanized as a continuous loop or put together with link connectors. Vulcanized steel cables ensure high tensile strength. The rubber chain thus does not stretch out. We produce various qualities of rubber: from food-grade to conductive, depending on the application required.

Our quality assurance is carried out in our in-house laboratory and our own testing area. We also make every effort to consistently ensure the development and improvement of rubber qualities.


  • No re-tensioning of the rubber chain is required throughout the entire lifespan. No stretching
  • Rubber is largely chemically resistant, neutral and requires no lubrication
  • The rubber chain is low-wear, since no friction is produced
  • A repair can be carried out using vulcanisation locally, like on the belt conveyor
  • The rubber chain is checked on our testing rigs developed especially for the purpose
  • Available in various qualities according to the specific application

WIESE – the original WIESE rubber chain