Sites in Germany

WIESE products are manufactured at two sites:

The WIESE plant in Burgwedel, Fuhrberg district

Standort Burgwedel OT Fuhrberg
  • Design and Development
  • Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Technical Purchasing
  • Testing (quality assurance) of conveyor systems
  • Spare Parts Sales
  • You can reach your contact here

The WIESE plant in Salzwedel

Standort Salzwedel
  • Production of rubber chains and other rubber articles
  • Vulcanisation of rubber chains
  • Laboratory testing of rubber mixtures
  • Mechanical stress tests
  • Testing of new and further developments of the rubber chain
  • Long-term stability tests
  • Further processing of the rubber chain
  • Assembly of bucket conveyors
  • Integration of bucket components
  • Vulcanisation and tempering of connecting tabs