Non-food sector

With link-free original WIESE rubber chains, WIESE continuous bucket and pendulum bucket conveyors have proven themselves in the non-food area. Even abrasive materials and those causing wear can be conveyed with ease. The conveyed goods are fred carefully and not scooped, minimising the stress on the materials and also the wear on the buckets.

For systems at risk of dust explosions, WIESE continuous bucket and pendulum bucket conveyors are also available with ATEX certification.

By using a wide range of materials for rubber chains and buckets, the systems can be adapted to the relevant requirements. The WIESE bucket conveyors have proven themselves in numerous product areas:

  • Powders and granulates,
  • Chemicals
  • Building materials
  • Recycling
  • Ceramics
  • Plastics
  • and much more.


The advantages of WIESE pendulum / bucket conveyors in the non-food sector

Bucket conveyor:

  • Very stable running
  • Small footprint thanks to higher speed
  • High conveying capacity
  • Perfectly suited for abrasive products
  • Dust or gas-tight version available
  • ATEX version available EX-Logo

Pendulum bucket conveyor:

  • Buckets can be removed without tools
  • Many different line designs possible
  • Multiple drop-off points possible
  • For weighed or counted products, the bucket position can be determined reliably at any time
  • ATEX version available EX-Logo