Trained staff ...

... goes without saying for us. We are only as good as our staff. So it goes without saying that we employ expertly trained professionals. Of course, we also continue to train our team with in-house as well as external training courses. Our employees are trained in-house for the production process involved with our WIESE rubber chains. Several of our staff have many years of professional experience. Our production methods are second to none and every employee must provide their full commitment to deliver WIESE rubber chains in the consistent quality that our customers are used to.

Our global sales partners

... are our advertisements across Europe and further afield. We have had long-standing partnerships with many of our partners. Here too, we rely on experienced and qualified partners. We train our partner firms at our headquarters in Burgwedel and directly at customers' premises. This is a practice that has proven its merit over decades.
Thanks to our global sales network, routes to the customer are short - be they in Europe, the USA or Australia. Alongside the rapid assistance and service, our customers really value communication with a national agent.