Our quality standards

Quality is our promise.

Our many years of experience, coupled with state-of-the-art technology and our highly skilled team, guarantee the consistent quality of our products.

A high standard of quality, compliant with DIN EN ISO 9001, is self-evident for us, and we have been certified to this standard since 1998.

We also pay close attention to consistent quality from our suppliers. Long-standing business relationships have developed from this, ensuring reliable, fast service and high-quality products.

Before WIESE rubber chains, WIESE continuous bucket conveyors and WIESE pendulum bucket conveyors leave our factory, they are subjected to a meticulous quality check. As well as checks by staff involved with the production of the end product, our new systems are also checked by our sales team before they are shipped. This helps us ensure that everything is how it should be: of high quality and flawless.

After all, only quality products guarantee satisfied customers.